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A Machine Named Mad-Eye Moody

My quilting journey began about five years ago when I wanted to learn how to quilt so that I could make a baby clothes quilt for my children. (I have yet to get around to making that quilt by the way). I told my aunt about my desire to quilt, and she said that she had always wanted to learn as well. So, my aunt ended up talking to my cousin (who has been quilting for 40 years now) and my cousin said, "I can teach you! We can get together once a week for stitch night and I'll teach you how to make quilts." And that, my friends, was all it took. (From left to right- my cousin and the best teacher in the world Paullette, my cousin Megan, me, and my Aunt Lisa.)

Soon, I was packing up my White sewing machine that I'd found in my grandmother's basement and I was off to my cousin's house where she started with, "can you sew a straight line?" Now, that was a great question, because to be honest I wasn't so sure I could. We spent the night getting to know our machines, following my cousin's advice to "line up your crack [yes, the one you sit on] with the machine needle" to get a nice straight seam, and figuring out where the quarter-inch mark was on our machines.

The next week, we got together again, but this time we headed off to Joann Fabrics for a fabric-buying extravaganza!! My aunt had chosen a fairly easy pattern for us to make, a string quilt using many different fabrics, but essentially just straight-line sewing. We closed down, the store that night (quite literally actually, they were checking us out after closing time), having a great time picking out the fabric that would make up our first projects, and we headed back to my aunt's house to begin cutting and planning.

It wasn't many weeks later that we all had a finished project and a new-found hobby and passion for quilting. Here's a picture of mine- an autumn-themed table runner that I still adore.

Since then, we've gotten together just about every week to "stitch and bitch". We did a few shop hops, have completed three block-of-the-month quilts, and have shared many stories, laughs, tips, and fabric hauls.

As I fell more and more in love with quilting, I started to become more daring in the quilting that I did. From that first project, where all I did was use a walking foot to stitch in the ditch, I moved on to free motion quilting on my regular sewing machine, a Babylock Melody. While I enjoyed this, it was when I quilted a queen size quilt for a dear friend's wedding on my Babylock Melody that I realized I was ready to move to the next level.

Soon after, I invested in a Babylock Tiara, and had a blast quilting on such a big machine.

Fast forward a few years, however, to June of 2016 when my sister-in-law (who I slowly hooked onto quilting) and I found out about a great deal on a Babylock Crown Jewel. It wasn't a few weeks later that we had the machine, a catchy business name, and a business plan to start our machine quilting business.

My sister-in-law Shannon and I also happen to be huge Harry Potter fans, so when we were getting to know our machine and the ins and outs of it, we decided to name it "Mad-Eye Moody" because anyone who's a longarmer knows, actually anyone who is a quilter knows, how sensitive and moody a machine can be. But, we love the machine, we love quilting, and we are happy to be putting that passion to use helping people complete their quilts.

Pop on over to our webpage and take a look around. Since July 31st is Harry Potter's birthday, and to celebrate getting Mad Eye Moody up and running, we will be offering a 20% discount on all quilting services until the end of July if you use the discount code "HPBirthday" in an email to us, or in the designated area on the order form on our website.

Until next time, happy stitching!

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